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Alice Beveridge

Unbefitting of the corporate mould and unafraid to challenge the status quo, Alice is helping organisations the world over to drive transformational change, while discovering and unleashing the true potential of their people.


About Alice

An inspirational keynote speaker, first-class facilitator and qualified coach, Alice’s refreshingly disruptive approach is in demand across multiple sectors, some of which include tech, finance, education, health and housing.

Armed with her Masters in Positive Psychology and a degree in Primary School Teaching, Alice knows better than most just what it takes to truly motivate others. Add to this a wicked sense of humour, she is a natural when it comes to delivering on themes such as leadership, engagement and mindset, often becoming the catalyst for an internal revolution!

Vibe Podcast

Vibe: Beyond the Small Talk, is a podcast created by Andrew and his fellow Tree of Knowledge speaker Alice Beveridge.

Together they explore the worlds of leadership, positive psychology, wellbeing, and resilience. Leaning into their previous experiences, they share ways in which listeners can positively impact their lives.

The podcast has also allowed them to interview leading practitioners, wellbeing experts and authors from around the world, such as Steve Munby and Dr Saundra Dalton-Smith.

Positive Psychology
What is VIBE

VIBE is a Leadership Development Programme that explores the impact we have as leaders, not only on our teams but also on ourselves. It encourages deep self reflection combined with positive psychology based theory that delegates can go and apply to their leadership. Leaders are often so caught up in the day job that time for reflection is scarce. VIBE ensures that the focus is 100% on what leaders are transmitting and how to really amplify their message.

“An absolutely fantastic experience, enlightening and educating with every word. This course is unbeatable and the value of it immeasurable”
Chris Nelson
Sales Manager
Kongsberg Maritime Ltd UK
“An excellent programme specifically tailored to meet our needs. I am immensely impressed by the flexibility of the Tree of Knowledge in moving quickly from the planned classroom delivery to virtual delivery. A virtual programme was designed and delivered in a matter of weeks while maintaining interaction and quality of learning. The feedback from the participants has been excellent."
Elaine McGuinness
NHS Lanarkshire
Senior Organisational Development Advisor

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